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Portfolio Highlights

For a closer look at each sample (in case you'd like to actually read the copy), just click on the image.
Direct Mail


Advertising and Direct Mail

I love taking a project from concept to content (note my URL). Some of these pieces were part of integrated campaigns and others were one-offs, but all of them took time and flexing creative muscles, in most cases with an art director, to brainstorm the multiple concepts that got whittled down to the final products you see here. I'm very adept at concepting, including photo research on my own or part of a copywriter/art director partnership.



Internal and External Events, and Emails

From internal fliers and posters to room drops, I've done many projects for events, big and small. I've also written countless email blasts, including those ghost written for executives and sales reps. Scroll through for a brief overview of a few of them.



Product/Info Sheets

These are a sampling of product sheets from a variety of companies. The "Take a Break" one got a love it or hate it reaction. Some of the sales executives who loved it printed it and hung it in their offices! If you're looking for something less "disruptive," clearly I've got the straightforward approach down, too.

To see PDFs of these pieces, additional samples, or to discuss possible projects, feel free to contact me. >>
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